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About Us

Primavara Homeopathy Clinic works according to the principles of Homeopathy discovered by Dr. Samuel Hahnemann.

A human being is a complex entity, where the various biochemical reactions are taking place at several different levels such as cell and tissue level, the organs, and the systems including the mind level simultaneously. All these various biochemical reactions are interconnected and interdependent.

These biochemical reactions are unique to each person which means they are individualized reactions. And these are determined by your genetic code.In other words, every individual is the result of his or her genetic code.

According to Dr. Hahnemann, the disease is the result of different reactions shown by mind and body to the external or internal stimuli at genetic level which he termed as ‘Miasm’.

The Miasms are categorized into three as “Psora”, “Sycosis” and “Syphilis”. Psora means primary physiological reaction, Sycosis means secondary fortification reaction and Syphilis means tertiary destructive reaction.

Let’s look at an example: when a cell is injured it shows primary reaction as inflammation and hypersensitivity, secondary reaction as in duration/dilatation/relaxation or contraction, and tertiary reaction as necrosis or destruction of the cell.

Thus, to restore a sick person to health, Homeopathy takes into account a ‘Man in Disease’, which means a person’s constitutional makeup.
A person’s constitutional makeup is made of his/her physical make-up, mental make-up, general make-up, and the disease make-up. This constitutional makeup represents his/her genetic code.

At Primavara Homeopathic consulting, we take a comprehensive history of a person which include onset, duration, and progress of the disease; external or internal factors that affect him/ her; his/ her sensitivity or body tolerances; his/her behavior and behavioral reactions and his/her social environment which has an important role in his/her personality.
Thus, Primavara Homeopathy uses a holistic approach to restore the imbalanced constitutional make-up of an individual to a healthy state.

Our Core Person

Dr. Anuradha D Sanap

Homeopathic Physician.

Dr. Anuradha D Sanap is a keen homeopathic physician.

She possesses a Bachelor’s Degree in Homeopathic Medicine and Surgery from Maharashtra University of Health Sciences. She also holds a postgraduate diploma in psychological counseling from I.B.M.S., Chittore (A.P.)She underwent various homeopathic trainings and workshops in India, Netherlands and Germany.
She has successfully completed 5 week online training in ‘Managing behavior.

She has successfully completed “Understanding Autism “ course from the University of Kent, UK.
She deals with diseases that are acute in origin meaning viral or bacterial infections as well as those of chronic in nature ranging from chronic recurrent cold and coryza to hormonal diseases, musculoskeletal diseases, psychological diseases, skin diseases and many more to label, affecting children, adolescent, adult and old people.
Her approach is individualistic, meeting the individual needs through medicine, counseling, diet, and exercise.
She believes that the whole life of each human being is driven by his/her inner driving force. It will be unjust if we consider either only bodily complaints that are physical or material parts or only mental complaints that are dynamic or immaterial while treating a patient.
She believes in considering the person as a whole individual with body and mind, as you cannot separate the body from its soul.
Her strength lies in her calm and positive nature which makes each consultation more effective.

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